The work of Kultura Nova Foundation is overseen by a five-member of Managing Board. Members are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia at the suggestion by the Minister of Culture. All members serve for a period of four years and have the right to be reelected. All members serve without financial compensation.

At its meeting held on January 5, 2012, following the suggestion from Dr. Andrea Zlatar Violić, the Minister of Culture, the Croatian Government brought the Decision on the Appointment of the Members of the Managing Board  of Kultura Nova Foundation. The members are: Agata Juniku, Marin Lukanović, Vid Mesarić, Ivica Petrinić and Emina Višnić.

At its first meeting held on January 28, 2012, the Managing Board unanimously elected Emina Višnić as its president and Marin Lukanović as vice-president.