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Zaklada "Kultura nova"

Department of General Affairs and Finance

Department of General Affairs and Finance implements activities that pertain to general affairs and finance of the Foundation.

Finance activities:

  • leading and developing financial management and control activities, developing of the Foundation’s financial plan and budget and the monitoring of the implementation of the approved financial plan and budget, implementing internal control and keeping records of payment deadlines and submitting of legal obligations of financial reporting
  • keeping records of the financial flow in the Foundation and incomes and receipts and expenditures and costs
  • compiling the Foundation’s procurement plan for the budget year and participating in simple and public procurement procedures and keeping records of execution of the plan
  • financial controlling of the applicants to the Foundation’s support programmes and financial monitoring over dedicated spending of funds allocated to the users of Foundation’s financial sources
  • payroll accounting, contract processing, accounting services and other activities in connection to keeping records of the Foundation’s business activities, financial documentation processing, book-keeping and account balancing in accordance with legal regulations and the Regulation on Accounting Activities of Non-Profit Organizations
  • travel order accounting and payment for the Foundation’s employees and external experts
  • e-banking and executing payments after authorisation
  • providing the Foundation’s bodies with adequate information from the financial field in accordance with law regulations that pertain to non profit organizations in the Republic of Croatia
  • keeping records of the regulations in effect from the field of finance and ensuring their application and suggesting new measures necessary for the adaptation of the institution to changes in national financial regulations
  • suggesting and implementing decisions and instructions of the Foundation’s bodies that pertain to the Foundation’s business activities
  • cooperating with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance and other responsible agencies
  • compiling financial reports (semianually and annually) in accordance to regulations
  • other activities in accordance to the Foundation director’s instructions.

Head of Finance Affairs is Ljerka Jakšić (t: +385 1 581 44 92, e:

Finance Affairs Assistant is Lucija Mandić (t: +385 1 581 44 92, e:

General Affairs activities:

  • heading and coordinating the Foundation’s office in accordance with business protocols and internal procedures
  • heading the filing system and taking care of receiving and shipping of post mail that pertain to the business activities of the Foundation
  • heading the proscribed office registers and books (records of incoming receipts, work time and other work-related records, travel orders, contracts, conflict of interest, spending of funds by users financed by the Foundation) and taking care of documents and acts of the Foundation and their archiving
  • written and oral correspondence and communication with external experts and suppliers of the Foundation via post, telephone, fax and e-mail
  • taking care of the Foundation’s expendable materials and equipment and organizing cleaning of the office spaces
  • taking part in administrative activities of the Foundation’s Director
  • organizing regular meetings of the Foundation’s administrative service and the Director and meeting minutes taking
  • organizing the Board of Directors and other temporary bodies or external experts’ meetings and meeting minutes taking
  • taking part in finance activities by making and preparing accounting documents
  • taking part in the organization of events (seminars, workshops, conferences etc.) organized by the Foundation
  • helping employees of the Foundation in organizing travel (travel tickets, accommodation, travel insurance, visas etc.)
  • other activities in accordance to the Foundation Director’s instructions.

Head of Office is Ines Vanjak (t: +385 1 553 27 78, e:

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