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Zaklada "Kultura nova"


Kultura Nova is a member of the ZaDobro.BIT! Forum, four international networks and one international initiative.

ZaDobro.BIT! Forum

Kultura Nova is a member of the Croatian ZaDobro.BIT! Forum that gathers around thirty foundations that are active in the Republic of Croatia. The goal of the Forum is to involve as many members as possible in its work in order to build the capacities of the existing foundations through cooperation and experience and knowledge exchange and to raise visibility of their work in Croatia. The Forum also contains an educational component and offers its members content that is designed in accordance with their needs: project preparation, legal and financial consulting, raising visibility of foundations’ work in Croatia, providing help in finding partners and donors, organizing study trips, publishing brochures on foundations and social entrepreneurship.  

Culture Action Europe

Kultura Nova has been a member of Culture Action Europe (CAE) since 2014. CAE is an organization that promotes arts and culture as one of the pillars of the European project though advocacy and lobbying. The goal of its work is to influence European policies for greater and better access to culture across the continent and wider. CAE offers customized information and analysis of the European Union, a space for exchange and further development of common standpoints and advocacy activities of cultural actors that are presented to European decision makers. CAE is a network of member organizations at the European level whose Secretariat is based in Brussels. The Executive Committee is chosen out of the member organizations and they meet 4 times a year. Representatives of the member organizations meet once a year at the Annual General Assembly. There are over 90 members in CAE at the moment, and it represents over 10000 organizations from 14 different artistic fields – orchestras, writers associations, research institutions, cultural info points, national theatres, international cultural networks, independent cultural workers to conservatories, visual arts organizations, volunteer artistic organizations and so on. The CAE organizations come together around the common belief that cultural cooperation is very important in Europe.


Kultura Nova has been a member of the ENCATC network (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres) since 2015. The network was established in 1992 and it gathers more than 100 member organizations and professionals from more than 40 countries that are active in the fields of education, training and research within the broad field of cultural management and policy. ENCATC is a non-governmental organization that represents all arts and culture disciplines and is in official partnership with UNESCO and is an observer to the Council of Europe. The network is a dynamic European platform that entices knowledge, methodologies and experience exchange, comparative research and a regular assessment of the needs in the education sector within the broader field of cultural management from a European perspective through the implementation of the following activities: work groups, projects, events and conferences.


The Foundation has been a member of IFACCA (International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies) since 2017. IFACCA is a worldwide network that gathers ministries of culture, arts councils and organizations from more than 80 countries.  The vision of the network is a world in which arts and culture thrive and are recognized by governments and peoples for their manifold contribution to society. The purpose of IFACCA is to support and engage members, to forge platforms for collaboration and exchange, to be a trusted source of intelligence, and to lead global thought for arts and culture in public life. The network provides services, information and resources to its member organizations and their staff, from the leaders and policy makers to the researchers, administrators and the wider cultural community. Activities are divided up into 4 main areas: networking, knowledge and analysis, capacity building and advocacy.


EFC (European Foundation Centre) is an association of foundations and corporative donors with members from Europe and from all over the world, and Kultura Nova became an active member in 2017. The association was founded in 1989 by 7 foundations, and today it gathers more than 200 foundations. EFC activities include influencing policies and advocacy on pressing social issues in EU institutions, lobbying for better operative and legal frameworks for foundations that are transnationally active, meetings between members and stakeholders in the sector with policy makers (EuroPhilantopics event) and members’ capacity building through knowledge exchange.

Global Cultural Relations

Kultura Nova Foundation joined the Global Cultural Relations international initiative in 2022. The initiative aims at reinforcing the role of international cultural relations in the framework of EU foreign policy. It came out of the More Europe - external cultural relations cultural-civil initiative that was launched in 2011 and was composed of a public-private partnership of foundations, civil society networks and national cultural institutes.


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