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Zaklada "Kultura nova"


Research Programme

The programme encompasses various research and other activities that pertain to research and evaluation work in order to gain adequate insight into the needs of the civil sector in culture with the goal of active contribution to the making of long-term strategies in the fields of culture and civil society and decision making based on relevant indicators, matter of fact conditions and arguments that have been derived from research work and recommendations. This way, the Foundation wants to contribute to better understanding of the complexity of the cultural system and to improving cooperation and understanding between individual sectors (public, private and civil). Through its research activities, the Foundation is making a base for further development and improvement of its activities, new thoughts and interpretations of the existing roles and meanings of culture.

The Foundation publishes the research results in the Kultura Nova Edition, and the following research have been carried out so far:

  • Research on working conditions in civil society organization in contemporary arts and culture – research results
  • Research on cultural education in the Republic of Croatia - research results
  • Research within the Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions project - research results
  • Research on the impact of COVID-19 and Zagreb earthquake on CSOs in contemporary arts and culture - research results
  • Research on the impacts of COVID-19 and earthquakes on cultural sector in Croatia - research results
  • Research on mobility in culture in the framework of the i-Portunus Houses project - research results
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