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Zaklada "Kultura nova"

Other KN Editions

Alongside Kultura Nova Edition, the Foundation also publishes other publications in which it presents its work to the public. You can download the Foundation's annual reports and strategic plans in Croatian here.

  • Annual reports

In accordance with Article 16, Paragraph 4 of the Kultura Nova Foundation Act (Official Gazette No. 90/11), the Board of Directors is obliged to submit programme and financial reports to the Government of the Republic of Croatia within 90 days after the report period deadline on an annual work level. In the Foundation’s programme and financial reports, you may find detailed overviews of all operative and programme activities of the Foundation, realized through the Support Programme and research and development programmes, concise depictions of all programmes and projects of civil society organizations that the Foundation has supported and overviews of expenditures and incomes for the belonging year.

  • Strategic plans

The goal of the Kultura Nova Foundation strategic plans, that are also passed by the Board of Directors, is to determine clear guidelines for the Foundation’s development in four-year work periods, and that will be in accordance with the needs of the civil society organizations in the field of contemporary arts and culture and that take into consideration the most significant economic, political, social and cultural movements at the local, national and international level.

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