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Zaklada "Kultura nova"


The project "IN SITU: Place-based innovation of cultural and creative industries in non-urban areas" is focused on research of practices and development perspectives of the actors in the creative and creative industries (CCI) in rural and non-urban environments. The aim of the project is mapping innovative practices and strategies of intersectoral cooperation, knowledge exchange and strengthening the capacities of CCI actors in "peripheral" environments in Europe who will be leaders of innovation and sustainability in their local contexts.

Despite the increased visibility and importance of cultural and creative industries based in non-urban areas of the European Union in the last decade, research and policy recommendations focused on their specific needs, characteristics and potentials are still insufficient. The IN SITU brings together leading research approaches to economic evolution and diversification, innovation processes, non-urban place-based planning and entrepreneurship in cultural and creative industries.

The core defining aspect of the project is the interlinking of research and practice through place-based IN SITU Labs – hubs for networking, capacity building and monitoring case studies in six non-urban regions across Europe located in Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Latvia and Croatia.

The project consortium led by the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (Portugal) brings together partners from 12 countries: the National University of Ireland Galway (Ireland); European Network of Cultural Centres (Belgium); Utrecht University (Netherlands); National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (France); Mondragon Innovation and Knowledge (Spain); Kultura Nova Foundation (Croatia); University of the Azores (Portugal); University of Turku (Finland); Latvian Academy of Culture (Latvia); Bifröst University (Iceland); National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts "Kr. Sarafov" (Bulgaria) and University of Hildesheim (Germany).

The four-year IN SITU project started in 2022 and is supported through the Horizon Europe programme with a budget of 4 million euros.

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