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Zaklada "Kultura nova"

Cultural Policy

Creating Cultural Policies Programme

In order to respond to the new challenges and needs in the cultural sector within the scope of its activities, the Foundation gives its contribution through the Creating Cultural policies Programme to the design of new frameworks for more productive cultural policies that would contribute to the dynamization, modernization and democratization of cultural life.

Through its operational activities, the Foundation is actively involved in various cultural policy-making processes at the local, national and international level, in order to encourage changes in cultural policies and contribute to the development of innovative cultural policies. Foundation also participates in various policy-making processes in the areas of civil society, foundations and other related fields. In this way, Kultura Nova contributes to the introduction of principles, rules and mechanisms of participation, representation and responsibility of all stakeholders within decision-making processes and implementation of cultural policies in order to provoke and enable necessary changes in the cultural system as a prerequisite for the better future of not only the civil, but also of the entire cultural sector in Croatia.

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