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Zaklada "Kultura nova"

About Support Programme

Support Programme is the umbrella name for all public calls through which non-refundable funds are granted to associations and artistic organizations in the field of contemporary arts and culture in the Republic of Croatia.

Support Programme entails the Foundation's core business through which public calls for the financing of programmes and projects of CSOs active primarily in the field of contemporary arts and culture are published. The granting of non-refundable funds is based on principles of transparency, non-biasness, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. The non-refundable funds are granted through public calls for programmes/projects/activities proposals and public calls for participation in programmes/projects/activities. The calls have several programme areas and categories that are designed to answer the recognized priority problems of CSOs (associations and artistic organizations) and to ensure more beneficial working conditions of the CSOs, to contribute to their stabilization and to the development of organizational and programme capacities.

The public calls are usually published at the beginning of June, and the overall non-refundable funds granting process, that includes applications’ submission, formal conditions’ check, applications’ quality evaluation, publication of results and the time frame for complaints’ submission, response to complaints and contracting process, is finished by the end of December. Specific public calls can be published during other periods throughout the year. Applications are submitted exclusively in electronic form using the Foundation’s electronic application data base.

Contemporary arts and culture

Contemporary arts and culture encompass a wide range of artistic disciplines and cultural activities, all significantly influenced and shaped by technological advancements. These works are known for their complexity and diversity, which are reflective of the time in which they are created. They are realized through various media and formats and can be found in conventional professional art spaces, cultural institutions, and unconventional open and enclosed spaces.

These works exhibit numerous aesthetic characteristics, conceptual and theoretical points, and reflect collective and individual experiences. They embrace various perspectives and identities, blending different styles, techniques, and cultural traditions to create new forms of artistic expression, thus challenging the conventional boundaries of art. Interdisciplinarity, cross- and transdisciplinarity, multimedia, hybridity, and experimentation are inherent in their work, drawing from multiple disciplines and media.

Contemporary artists often combine traditional and contemporary elements and utilize diverse technologies in their creative processes. They frequently incorporate elements of deconstruction, non-linearity, or unconventional approaches in performance, techniques, materials, or spatial utilization.

These artists prioritize the creative process and improvisation and engage with pressing contemporary societal issues, reflecting their time's cultural diversity and complexity. Their work covers various topics and questions the context of their artistic activity, production, and reception, often conveying socially conscious messages. They actively establish dialogues across different contexts and foster multidirectional communication.

Moreover, many contemporary artists focus on their local communities and strive to include various social groups in their artistic processes, promoting inclusivity and community engagement.

Priority of the Support Programme

In adherence to legal guidelines and with a keen consideration of the needs of civil society organizations active in contemporary arts and culture in the Republic of Croatia, the foremost priority of the Support Programme includes:

  • Building and Strengthening Organizational Capacities of civil society organisations for the development of cultural and artistic programs in the field of contemporary arts and culture

Programme Areas

The programme areas represent priority areas covered by the Support Programme which were designed and defined in order to achieve the goals of the Kultura Nova Foundation while addressing the recognized challenges encountered by civil society organizations (associations and artistic organizations), actively engaged in contemporary arts and culture in the Republic of Croatia. Some programme areas are divided into categories.

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