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Zaklada "Kultura nova"

Research on the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic and earthquakes on cultural sector in Croatia

The Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia in collaboration with Kultura Nova Foundation conducted the research in order to collect data on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the earthquakes on the cultural sector in the Republic of Croatia including cultural heritage, all cultural fields and artistic disciplines in all three sectors – public, private and civil, regardless whether their activities are profit or non-profit based. The research was conducted in order to collect data that would serve as the bases for forming adequate financial and professional support to the cultural sector with respect to specific needs of various cultural actors, and, thus, speed up and facilitate their recovery. One of the central objectives of the analysis is providing informed and empirical grounds for the necessary turn and changes in the cultural system and cultural policy of the Republic of Croatia on all levels – from micro, local and all the way to national level. Accordingly, the research contributes to creating responsible, receptive and adaptable Croatian cultural policy.

The research is complementary to the research that Kultura Nova Foundation conducted in 2020 in order to gain a more detailed insight into the impacts of the pandemic and the earthquake on civil society organizations active in the field of contemporary culture and arts. Following the test phase of the Foundation’s research, whose results were published at the end of 2020, in collaboration with the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media this endeavor was expanded to include data on the entire cultural sector in the Republic of Croatia in order to gain a wider insight in all aspects of the impact on and the vulnerability of various cultural actors, as well as of their resilience, following also some other researches in specific areas of the cultural sector . Just like the test phase, this segment of the research was conceptualized and conducted in collaboration with researchers dr. sc. Željka Tonković, dr. sc. Ana Žuvela and dr. sc. Krešimir Krolo. The research was led by dr. sc. Dea Vidović, the director of the Foundation, while the research coordinator was Marta Jalšovec, the associate in the Foundation’s R&D Department. Professional support by the Ministry of Culture and Media was provided by Nevena Tudor Perković and Dinko Klarić. The research conceptually followed the earlier test phase, so the data was collected in four key categories: vulnerability, resilience, spill-over and public policy measures, while the relevance of culture was taken as a departure point and a dimension that can be analysed in the framework of all four categories.

Kultura Nova Foundation published the results of the research in the framework of the Kultura Nova edition in 2021. The publication is edited by Dea Vidović, designed by Studio Filburg and disposed under the Creative Commons license Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 Croatia.

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