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Zaklada "Kultura nova"

Joško Ševo

Joško Ševo was born in Trogir in 1959. She graduated in Croatian language and literature from the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. He also graduated in acting from the Academy of Drama Art at the University of Zagreb in prof. Božidar Violić’s class. He is a professor and the Head of the Acting Department at the same Academy. He is a drama, theatre, television and movie actor. He plays at Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split scenes. In his pedagogical work, Joško Ševo, being one of the youngest professors at the University of Zagreb, gives exceptional attention to word, speech, language and sentence and through work with his students reexamines Croatian plays, literary works and world classics, but also works by contemporary Croatian, European and American authors. He has been honored twice for exceptional contribution to Croatian culture – in 1996 with the Order of Danica Medal by the President of the Republic of Croatia and in 2008 with a Medal of the City of Zagreb. He is the President of the Festival Committee of the Actors Festival in Vinkovci, vice-president of the Croatian Society of Drama Artists and the Department of Theatre and Film at Matica Hrvatska and is a member of the Committee for International Higher Education Qualifications Acknowledgement (Agency for Science and Higher Education), Cultural Council for Theatre, Dance and Performing Arts of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and of the Cultural Council for Theatre of the City of Zagreb.

Joško Ševo is the vice-president of the Board of Directors.

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