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Zaklada "Kultura nova"

Board of Directors

The work of Kultura Nova Foundation is overseen by a five-member Board of Directors. Members are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia at the suggestion by the Minister of Culture. All members serve for a period of four years and have the right to be reelected. All members serve without financial compensation.

The Board of Directors:

  • passes the Foundation's Statute at the suggestion of the Director and passes amendments to the Statute
  • appoints the Foundation's Director and relieves him/her of its duties
  • passes the Board of Directors Rules of Procedure
  • passes the Regulations on the Conditions and Procedure of Grant Giving for the Achievement of the Foundation's Purpose
  • passes other general legal acts, individual official documents and regulatory acts in accordance with its jurisdiction
  • passes grant giving decisions and oversees the Foundation's budget spendings
  • passes decisions on the Foundation's programmes' implementation
  • passes decisions on the Foundation's assets' use
  • passes the Financial Plan and the Concluding Note at the suggestion of the Director
  • submits reports on the Foundation's work to the Government of the Republic of Croatia and other state bodies in accordance with the Kultura Nova Foundation Act
  • implements other activities in accordance with the Foundation's Act and Statute.


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