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Zaklada "Kultura nova"


The Board of Directors and the Director are the governing bodies of the Kultura Nova Foundation and the work is organized within the framework of the administrative service.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has five members that are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia at the suggestion by the Minister of Culture. All members serve for a period of four years and have the right to be reelected. All members serve without financial compensation.


Director of Kultura Nova Foundation is appointed and relieved by the majority vote of the Board of Directors, and the decision is passed based on the completion of public competition. The director serves for a period of four years and has the right to reelection.

Administrative Service

The Foundation’s work is organized in a single administrative service that is coordinated by the Foundation’s director. The administrative service is made up of three separate departments responsible for the following particular lines of work:

  • Department of General Affairs and Finance in which general affairs and finance activities are implemented
  • Support Programme Department in which support programme activities are implemented
  • Research and Development Department in which research and developmental programmes and projects are implemented

Supporting bodies and external associates

The Foundation also appoints supporting bodies, such as the Committee for the evaluation of the quality of the applications received through the Foundation's public calls and other constant and/or temporary supporting bodies and working groups for implementing activities within the Foundation's work scope, that are established by a decision of the Board of Directors, and if they pertain to operational activities, they can be established by the Director. Besides that, the Foundation is developing a rich network of external experts whom which it cooperates on the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the Support Programme and on the conception and realization of different development programmes and projects within the framework of its operational functioning.

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