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Support Programme Department

Support Programme Department implements activities that pertain to the Support Programme procedures.

Support Programme activities:

  • organizing calls for programmes and project proposals, implementing support programmes proposed by the Foundation and offering administrative support to potential applicants
  • overseeing the implementation of programmes and projects financed from the Foundation’s funds, data collecting, ensuring quality of standards, measures and procedures of project implementation, report analysis and control
  • drafting more complex reports and official documents in connection to the administration and management of programmes, projects and organizations financed from the Foundation’s funds
  • cooperating on publishing, information and public relations activities
  • editing the Foundation’s website and newsletters as well as drafting press releases
  • organizing conferences and presentations in Croatia and abroad
  • gathering information, preparing and developing the Foundation’s projects and their implementation
  • preparing and organizing board meetings as well as meetings of permanent and/or special bodies
  • collaboration with the representatives of partner organizations (institutions, foundations, civil organizations, etc.) in Croatia and abroad
  • other activities in accordance to the Foundation director’s instructions.

Head of Support Programme Department is Marijana Jurčević (t: +385 1 550 45 05, e:

Support Programme Consultant is Lucija Mandić (t: +385 1 550 45 05, e:

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