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IN SITU Case Studies

Twelve case studies selected within the IN SITU project, two of which are in Croatia.

The case studies that will be monitored as part of the IN SITU project in Šibenik-Knin County are the "Repertoar" by the Šibenik organisation Kolektiv 4B and "Od svirke do publike" by the organisation Atribut from Knin.

As part of the IN SITU project a survey questionnaire was open during May and June 2023 to map the projects of CCI actors with the aim to detect case studies that will be monitored in the next two-year period. Mapping was carried out in six IN SITU Lab regions in smaller and remote areas of Europe - Azores (Portugal), West Coastal Region (Ireland), Western Region (Iceland), Rauma and Eurajoki Municipalities (Finland), Valmiera District (Latvia) and Šibenik- Knin County (Croatia). During the mapping, 129 projects were received.

The survey was conducted by the European Network of Cultural Centers (ENCC) with the support of 6 Lab partners, while the submitted projects were evaluated by Lab partners in cooperation with ENCC and local stakeholders. Case studies, occupying a central role in the project, should demonstrate the innovative and transformative role of cultural and creative organizations as well as professionals in responding to key challenges in local environments.

A total of 12 case studies, two in each Lab, will be included in the participatory monitoring process and in the educational capacity building programmes and mentoring support. During these processes, creative responses to key local challenges and produced transformative effects in the local community will be analysed. The educational programme aimed at building organizational capacities will be available to a wider range of actors in the field of CCI who participated in the preliminary questionnaire, with the intention of building a European and international network of CCIs in smaller and remote areas that engage in innovation in their local contexts.

The case studies are:

  • Transmalhar and WORK IN PROGRESS (Azores, Portugal)
  • Art in Gort and The Voice of Youth (West Coast Region, Ireland)
  • The Icelandic Santas come from the Valleys and CREATRIX RYMI – X (West Region, Iceland)
  • Mapsion International Projection Mapping Festival and Footprint of a Giant (Rauma and Eurajoki municipalities, Finland)
  • Valmiera county manor network and The garden as functional decorative resource in the formation of the LAUX community (Valmiera county, Latvia)
  • Repertoar and Od svirke do publike (Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia).

Each of the 12 case studies will receive compensation in the amount of EUR 5,000.00 through a subcontract for the purpose of creating a report on the realization of the project. Along with monitoring, the reports will contribute to research and analysis of the development of these projects over two years. The monitoring period begins in October 2023 and ends in autumn 2025.

More information about the case studies that enter the monitoring process can be found here.

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