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The Future of Mobility in Culture

Kultura Nova Foundation is organizing online discussions on the future of mobility in culture within the i-Portunus Houses project.

The Future of Mobility in Culture

In the framework of the research on mobility in culture, implemented by Kultura Nova Foundation, European Cultural Foundation and MitOst within the i-Portunus Houses project, two online discussions on the future of mobility dedicated to local hosts and artists and cultural professional will be held on the following dates:

  • for local hosts on Wednesday, February 16th 2022 from 13h till 15h CEST
  • for artists and cultural professionals on Wednesday, February 23rd from 13h till 15h CEST.

The online discussions are envisaged as an open space for all participants to share their experiences and views on their role and the role of other stakeholders in the future of mobility in culture and in that way contribute to the research on mobility in culture and the development of the scenarios for the future of cross-border mobility grant schemes specifically for the cultural sector that would improve mobility infrastructure.

The future of mobility in culture will be discussed in group conversations considering three thematic focuses: green dimension, mobility infrastructure, inclusion and access while also taking into account the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each discussion will be organized in three smaller groups in order to enable active participation and engage all of the participants in a meaningful way. Each group will have a conversation on all three specific topics guided and facilitated by moderators Toni Attard (Culture Venture), Ana Žuvela (Institute for Development and International Relations) and Vedran Horvat (Institute for Political Ecology).

To participate in the discussions, it is necessary to register beforehand:

  • local hosts – register HERE
  • artist and cultural professionals – register HERE.

i-Portunus Houses project is implemented, on behalf of European Commision, by a consortium led by European Cultural Foundation and partners MitOst and Kultura Nova Foundation. It is dedicated to testing and analysing diverse transnational mobility schemes for the cultural sector. One of the key components of the project is also the research on mobility in culture. More information is available here.

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